Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The wee ones are ready!

I finally had some time this week to sit down and finish up the clothing for the three tiny dolls I've been working away on.  Chere, Helene and Annalie were all ready to find their new homes when my littlest little professed her love of Chere, the black haired sweetie, and claimed her as her own.   She's never fallen so in love with one of my dolls, and well, I'm a sucker for her sweet smile and little "please mama, please, please can I hold her!", Of course I caved and little Chere will be staying here at Millie's Dollhouse.

The two remaining dolls are currently listed comment style 
on my Facebook page, ending tonight at 10:00pm Eastern tonight.  If you are interested in purchase one of them, please visit my page and leave a comment on the photo of the doll you would like.  At 10:00pm tonight I'll close the comments and will randomly select one of the comments to purchase each of these dolls.  

As always, thank you for stopping by Millie's Dollhouse!  

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