About My Dolls

Stitched with love...

Millie's Dollhouse dolls are carefully and lovingly handmade using the finest natural materials available. They are created using many of the traditional Waldorf dollmaking methods, but with a slightly more modern take on hair and clothing. Each of my dolls is a one of a kind creation and while they all start from the same pattern, somehow they all develop their own distinct personality and style along the way.  

The dolls and all their clothing are designed and sewn in my home studio in Indiana.  I start with clean, soft wool and 100% cotton from the Netherlands to form the head and body.  They are then firmly stuffed to help them hold their shape over years of play.  The wool is naturally antibacterial and helps to absorb and give back warmth, making for a perfect little friend for snuggling.

After the body is stuffed and the head is formed I use 100% cotton floss to carefully embroider the face. This is when each doll really begins to come alive!  Eye shapes and sizes vary including round, oval and almond.  Sweet little cheeks are gently blushed with beeswax crayon, and on some dolls freckles or dimples are embroidered on.

I use several different fibers to create the various types of hair on my dolls, including standard wool and artyarns, mohair boucle (curly) yarn, wool dreads, soft and fluffy Tibetan Lambskin, or a soft, fuzzy mohair crocheted into a wig.  I dye many of my own yarns and also purchase beautiful handspun yarns from talented fiber artists all over the world.  Each dolls hair is very carefully and securely handstitched onto their head.

I design and sew each dolls clothing to compliment their personality and style.  I love buying beautiful fabrics and putting together pretty combinations for dressing the dolls.  I create my own clothing patterns and use the finest natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, and wool whenever possible.  Their little shoes are crocheted from 100% cotton or sewn from wool.

Currently I am making 15" sitting dolls, 10" standing dolls and 7" wee dolls.  Other sizes are occasionally made when an idea strikes me.   Although many dolls are loved by adults doll enthusiasts, they are made to be very durable and last for many, many years of love and gentle, imaginative childs play.  Because buttons and other small details can become a choking hazard, my dolls are intended for children over 3 who no longer put their toys in their mouths.


  1. Just became a member of your blog: lovely dolls and very nice clothes! From now on I am a fan! ;)

  2. Thank you Anna :) So glad you stopped by to have a peek around!

  3. todo me parece precioso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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