Friday, September 7, 2012

Listing Details for October Custom Doll...

After reading though all the great suggestions on my Facebook page about how you would like to see a custom spot listed this weekend (thank you so much for all the feedback!), I decided to list it in my HyenaCart store raffle style, but with the shorter time frame that many people suggested.  So, if you're interested in a MDH custom spot, you'll find all the details below!

The spot will be for a 15" custom Millie's Dollhouse doll, to be completed in October.  The total cost is $320.00 plus USPS Priority shipping.  There will be a $20 non-refundable deposit to start work on your doll.  After seeing completed photos of your doll, if you are happy with her, you will have the option to purchase for the remaining balance of $300 + shipping.  If you decide she is not the doll for you, you will not be required to purchase her and I'll list her as a RTG.  It happens, and I would never want anyone to feel committed to purchasing a doll they don't absolutely love!  

The  cost includes a 15" girl doll, one complete outfit, nightgown, undies and shoes.
You will have a choice of skin color, eye color, hair type (TLS, boucle, yarn or brushed mohair), hair color and your choice of one of three outfit types.  The fabrics for the outfits will be chosen by me to coordinate with your hair, skin and eye color choices.   

Outfit choices are:
1. Dress with cuffed pants or ruffles, nightgown, undies and shoes
2. Dress with removable apron, bloomers or ruffles, nightgown, undies and shoes
3. Peter Pan collar blouse, corduroy/linen bloomers, nightgown, undies and shoes

I truly enjoyed creating my last custom doll and am so excited to get to work on another!  Completion time will depend on shipping of any supplies needed and I will keep you updated on times as your doll is created.  Please keep in mind that while I am looking forward to working with your hair and coloring selections for your doll, it is impossible for me to recreate any exact doll.  Each doll is unique, even those with the same coloring, and things like face shape, and exact placement of features will vary from doll to doll. 

The listing will be in my Hyena Cart shop and will be open for comments for 20 minutes from 9:00pm until 9:20pm Eastern time on Sunday, September 9th.  To enter the raffle, you will need a Hyena Cart account which just takes a moment to set up and can be done here. I ask that you please respect the intent of the raffle and not use angels or multiple entries.  One per family should be enough for anyone interested. Any questions?  Feel free to e-mail me at 

Thanks you so very much for taking the time to stop by!


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    1. You're very welcome Christine! I'm excited about it!

  2. So sad I will miss the opportunity to enter as that is 3am my time but I like that you are doing monthly customs. Good luck to all who enter.

    1. Yes, I really wish there was a time that worked for everyone! I'll do another one soon mid day my time to give those on the other side of the world a chance as well. :)


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