Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Doc is in!

This little doll took me quite some time to finish.  I would start and then stop and then go work on something else for a bit, and then come back to her.  
She was very patient and in the end she turned out just how I was hoping!   

She is inspired by my daughter's favorite character, who is always there to help her friends and offer a kind word or a hug.   She's 15" tall and comes with her two outfits, her doctor's jacket, her medical bag containing her bandages, gauze rolls and stethoscope, and of course her sparkly crochet Mary Jane's and little cotton dottie undies.   

She's perfect for snuggling and playing and can't wait to find her new home!


Doc will be available for sale via an auction in my Hyena Cart shop starting tonight at 8:00pm and ending tomorrow, 2/7 at 10:00pm Eastern time.    You can find the listing for her auction here:  Doc's Auction

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