Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Smaller Size and Two New Dolls in The Shop

I've been meaning to remade my smaller 10-11" size doll pattern for some time, but as usual, extra time is pretty hard to come by in my busy house.  I finally finished it up and well, I'm completely smitten!  

I have two of these pint size cuties heading into the shop later tonight.

Ember Elyse, with light auburn hair will be auction style in my Hyena Cart shop starting 12/1 at 5pm and ending 12/2 at 10pm Eastern.  

Pepper Anne, with lovely pink Tibetan Lambskin hair, will be raffle style in my Hyena Cart shop starting 12/1 at 5pm with entries open until 12/2 at 9pm Eastern. 

This shows Pepper Anne and Ember Elyse with a 15" and 6" doll to help give you a better idea of their petite and very portable size.  

Perfect for little hands to carry around on adventures!  

I'm loving this size, so expect more little ones soon.  Have another size or suggestion you'd like to see?  I love to hear about it!  
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  1. I would love my first MDH doll to be 16"+ ♥ Just sayin' ;)

    1. Well, now that I've updated the little pattern, maybe I need to work on a big doll pattern as well!


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